Criollo Knife (Interpretation)

Hello everyone, after a few days of work I was able to finish this knife that I really enjoy making it, because we forged the damascus pattern among friends, with the great contribution of Marcial Dos Santos and Javier Vogt. Surely I also enjoy this piece is for another friend who had the patience to wait for it and who I hope will also enjoy it, thank you all for stopping by!

Total length: 330 mm

Damascus steel: Spirograph forgedin 15n20 and K990
Hardness: 59 Rc
Length: 180mm
Width: 37mm

Thickness: 5mm tapering towards the tip Handle Made of stabilized spalted maple, ivory look spacers and Spirograph damascus steel pommel
Length: 115mm

Sheath: Made with stabilized Spalted maple, ivory-like separators and hardware in spirograph damascus steel